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 Nero 8 Ultra Edition

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Tổng số bài gửi : 960
Age : 27
Đến từ : Vũng Tàu Province
Registration date : 15/01/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Nero 8 Ultra Edition   Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:04 pm

:geek:Sections Audio/ Data CD DVD Burning
File Size: Unknown
Author: namtran9
Date Added: 28 November, 2007
Download Count: 0
Rating: (5 / 5) (1 votes)

Nero 8 Ultra Edition, the newest version of the world’s best-selling multimedia suite, brings the digital world to your PC. Now it’s easy to organize and manage all your multimedia files, as well as create and edit new digital content. Nero’s sleek design and user-friendly tools make completing projects fun and enjoyable.
Direct access to all features from the project launcher
High Definition format support
Xbox 360™ and PlayStation� 3 streaming features
Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD burning support
SecurDisc data protection support
Copy a disc with just one click
Graphics optimized for Windows Vista™
Continual free updates
Nero StartSmart makes creating projects fun and simple
Nero StartSmart, the project launcher for Nero 8 Ultra Edition, lets you directly access features and perform one-click functions. The intuitive interface makes creating and managing digital projects easy and enjoyable. Optimized for use with Windows Vista™, Nero StartSmart even has an integrated newsfeed system.
Nero 8 Ultra Edition is the solution for your multimedia projects
Nero 8 Ultra Edition has the tools to help you handle all your multimedia projects. Whether you plan to create a music mix with MP3 files, edit vacation videos, touch up digital photos, make a slide show, or convert content to play on a mobile device, your results will be professional and dynamic.
Nero 8 Ultra Edition takes home entertainment around the house
Organize and manage all your multimedia files with Nero’s home media center. Nero 8 lets you use your Xbox 360™ or PlayStation� 3 to stream High Definition video content and surround sound audio files to enjoy in the comfort of any room in your house.
Nero 8 Ultra Edition offers increased data security
No more worries over losing data! Nero 8 Ultra Edition has back up features that let you rest easy knowing your data is safe in case of a complete system crash or a damaged disc. Recover your data quickly and easily and create discs that are password protected. SecurDisc technology gives you peace of mind.
Key Features:

Create and Edit
Your last vacation, your brother’s wedding, your daughter’s graduation – do you record every memorable moment on video? Now get more from your camcorder recordings. With Nero 8 Ultra Edition you can easily edit High Definition content in AVCHD format with professional results. Insert chapters and menus, and even enhance videos and slide shows with background music. Enjoy your favorite TV shows without interruption simply by editing out the commercial breaks.
Are you a music lover and want to keep your favorite songs close at hand? Convert your music collection to MP3 format and experience listening pleasure at home and on the go. Impress your friends at your next party by mixing and editing your favorite songs with professional effects and tools. With Nero 8, you get crystal-clear audio for your video files and up to 7.1 surround sound.
Do you have hundreds or even thousands of digital photos saved on your hard drive? Give your pictures a touch-up with tools that let you make improvements, add visual effects, and much more. Surprise your kids by presenting a family slide show on your television set! No more searching through tons of files for the images you want. With Nero 8 Ultra Edition , it’s easy to organize your photos!
Convertand Share
High Definition
Do you have High Definition video content but no blue laser burner? Convert HD content easily into AVCHD format, and compress content without losing quality. Your HD content can then be burned to a normal DVD and played on a Blu-ray Disc player or PlayStation� 3 for the ultimate blue laser experience.
Video Conversion
Want to bring your video content along with you? With Nero 8 Ultra Edition , you can simply convert DVD content to play back on an iPod� or PSP™. Use the world’s fastest MPEG-4 encoder to compress DVD content while maintaining optimal quality, then burn to a CD or save to a USB stick, Flash memory, or an SD card.
Nero 8 Ultra Edition offers unlimited MP3 support. Convert your audio files to MP3, the world’s most popular audio format, and enjoy your favorite songs at home or on the go.
Share the latest news of your life with friends right over the Internet! Post your best videos and photos with easy upload to online communities like My Nero, YouTube, and MySpace.
Home Entertainment
Media Center
Turn your living room into a real media center and experience home entertainment like never before! Stream live TV to an Xbox 360™ or PlayStation� 3. Connect your game consoles to a TV and enjoy your favorite shows in any room in the house!
Don’t miss another episode of your favorite series! Use your PC to record all your favorite shows. The EPG support in Nero 8 Ultra Edition makes selecting and recording broadcasts easy! Even if the phone rings while you’re watching TV, with the Time Shift feature you can take your phone call, and then resume watching your show exactly where you left off!
Music Streaming
No more wasted time changing CDs at your next party. With Nero 8 Ultra Edition , you can create playlists and stream music from your PC to your stereo for uninterrupted tunes all night long!
Rip and Burn
Rip and Burn
Rip audio CDs and non-copy-protected DVDs quickly and easily with the world’s leading burning engine. Burn audio files or data to CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or HD DVD. Want to burn movies to DVD? With DVD-R Dual Layer and DVD+R Double Layer support, you’ll get more data on a disc than ever before!
Nero DiscCopy Gadget
The Nero DiscCopy Gadget is optimized for use with Windows Vista™ and lets you copy a disc with just one click from the Vista™ Sidebar!
SecurDisc Technology
With Nero 8 Ultra Edition and a SecurDisc-compatible drive, you can burn CDs and DVDs with password protection against unauthorized access, or add a digital signature to ensure that your sensitive data remains unchanged. SecurDisc increases the readability of data even on damaged discs, and also lets you know when a disc is nearing decay, so you have time to save the data to another disc. The SecurDisc Copy Protection feature prevents unauthorized duplication of confidential PDF documents.
Back Up
Data Protection
No more worries over lost data! With SecurDisc technology, you can back up files, drives, and entire systems to internal or external hard drives. For maximum protection, create a bootable CD to recover an entire system after a crash. Need to access your data even when you’re on a business trip? Create backups over the Internet to an FTP server and access important data from anywhere you go! Plan automatic backups to regularly secure your data and receive e-mails confirming your backup.
With the SecurDisc technology Nero 8 Ultra Edition , you can ensure increased readability of your data even on a damaged disc. In addition, the early warning system in SecurDisc examines CDs and DVDs to determine if an aging disc is in danger of decay, so you have time to back up the data on another disc.
System Requirements:
Internet access or fax machine is required to activate certain technologies*
DVD-ROM-compatible drive required for installation
Microsoft� Windows 2000 (SP 4 or later); Windows XP SP1; Windows Server 2003 SP1; Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Windows Vista Home/Business/Ultimate (except for Nero ImageDrive and Nero Search)
Microsoft� Windows XP Professional x64 Edition/Windows Vista x64 Edition (all applications except InCD, InCD Reader, Nero Scout, Nero ImageDrive, and gadgets work in the x86 emulator that allows 32-bit Windows applications to run)
Microsoft� Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
1 GHz Intel� Pentium� III; AMD Sempron™ 2200+ or equivalent
256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM for Windows Vista)
1.5 GB hard drive space for a typical installation of all components
Graphics card: min. 32 MB video memory, min. resolution 800 x 600 pixels, hardware overlay support, and min. 16-bit color settings
CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or HD DVD recordable or rewritable drive for burning and playback
Microsoft� DirectX 9.0c or higher
Installation of the latest WHQL-certified device drivers is strongly recommended
Internet connection is required to use online services
Blue laser reading/writing device for Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD support
Up to 25/50 GB hard drive space for Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD images
Nero Mobile is included as a 30-day trial version
Mobile phone or PDA with Microsoft� Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC/Pocket PC Phone Edition/Smartphone/Second Edition (SE) and Microsoft� Windows Mobile 5.0
Mobile hardware platforms (Intel� XScale™, ARM�)
Phone-to-PC connection over Microsoft� ActiveSync, USB cable, or Bluetooth
Not all mobile devices are compatible. Please see for details
SecurDisc-compatible CD/DVD drive
LightScribe�/Labelflash™-compatible recorder and medium
To use LightScribe�, the latest LightScribe� host software must be installed
TV tuner or video recording card for analog or digital recording, time-shifting, and any TV functionality.
For a list of supported capture cards
UPnP™-capable equipment is required for streaming with Nero MediaHome server
To use the Nero Smart 3D video templates in Nero Vision, a video card with 3D acceleration support and 64 MB video memory is required
Link download:

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Nero 8 Ultra Edition
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